Medical Pedicure

Medical Pedicure

Enjoy your usual podiatry treatments. But, benefit from a Hot Paraffin Wax Treatment afterwards which is a soothing, softening heat therapy for healthier skin, promoting circulation and alleviating sore and aching joints. Warm wax therapy works by increasing the blood flow to the skin, relaxing the underlying muscles and joints. The wax melts at a temperature cool enough to apply to the skin, but warm enough to have a therapeutic effect on the area being treated. Its high specific heat capacity ensures it holds its heat well, and as it cools relatively slowly, it is a useful treatment for conditions such as stiff joints and scar tissue. It also hydrates the skin, leaving the feet, hands or treated area of the body soft and smooth. Because of its hydration properties Warm Wax Therapy is also suitable for dry rough skin, cracked heels and callous.


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