From our two modern Podiatry and Chiropody clinic rooms we provide exceptional foot care in Kendal. Specialists in bio-mechanical and sports injuries, but also providers of excellent routine treatments. Working with Sidas, allows the clinic access to the full range of Sidas Medical products from 100% bespoke custom orthotics to state of the art analysis equipment. This means that we can ensure that the service and product you receive from our clinic is second to none.

Our enthusiastic and approachable clinic team will ensure you are well cared for in a professional and friendly environment.

Our opening hours:

Mon: 9am to 5pm

Tuesday - Thursday: 9am to 6pm

Friday: (nail surgery appointments only)



Our step to offer Podiatry and Chiropody services from Kendal RUFC has come from the continued developement of our Bridge House Clinic. Our specialism in bio-mechanical and sports injuries, means that operating from the state of the art rugby club was a natural progression when the opportunity presented itself. .

Our enthusiastic and approachable clinic team will ensure you are well cared for in a professional and friendly environment.

Our opening hours:

Tuesday: 9am to 6pm

Wednesday: 9am to 6pm




Rebecca Rodger: Lead Podiatrist
Rebecca Rodger BSc (Hons)

Rebecca is our Lead Podiatrist here at Sidas UK…

A qualified Podiatrist from the University of Glasgow Caledonian. Rebecca has particular interest in sports injury and rehabilitation.

HCPC registration number: CH34991


Routine Podiatry - £40

General Podiatry, foot care including nail management, hard skin, callus, corns,  dry skin, verrucae management, cracked heels, diabetic foot check, fungal nail and skin infections, blisters and pressure points.

Medical Pedicure - £50

Your routine podiatry treatment. But, you will benefit from a Hot Paraffin Wax Treatment is a soothing, softening heat therapy for healthier skin, promoting circulation and alleviating sore and aching joints.

Cryopen B Verruca Therapy - £50

A revolution in cryotherapy, CryoPen B is highly accurate over conventional liquid nitrogen treatments. The Cryopen therapy can be used for treating verruca/ or multiple verrucae, warts, skin tags, and similar types of lesion.

Biomechanical Assessment - £75

Static and dynamic gait assessment, plantar pressure analysis, joint assessment, footwear advice, stretching and strengthening regimes, orthotic prescription.

Orthotics - £40-£150

Our orthotics are designed and produced by Sidas. Orthotics will be selected based on your Biomechanical Evaluation to ensure an exact fit for you.

Acupuncture - £35

Podiatric acupuncture is used as a therapeutic tool to treat conditions of the lower limb, providing pain relief. It can help with Joint Pains, Plantar Fasciitis, Mortons Neuroma, and Neurological Conditions relating to the lower limb.

Nail Surgery - £250 (includes 2 dressing appointments) 

Removal of part or all of the nail which is problematic and phenol is applied to prevent regrowth. The surgery also includes two dressing appointments. This treatment can help with problems such as ingrown, infected, deformed, or thickened toenails.

Radial shockwave therapy is used for fast pain relief and mobility resoration. This treatment can help accelerate the recovery of soft tissue injuries such as plantar fascitis and achilles tendonitis.

Therapy - £75

Routine Podiatry and Chiropody services in Kendal and the surrounding area from the comfort of your own home.

Sidas Mobile - £40



If you have an appointment and have Covid-19 symptoms please call so we can rearrange your appointment. 



"Excellent service from these guys, make you feel number one priority! Rebecca answered all my questions with pleasure and had great knowledge about the treatments and aftercare. Many thanks!"


"I've been wearing the insoles since my last apppointment with you, and it's made a huge difference! My Bunion has improved significantly. I no longer get pain whilst running or walking, and I swear it looks straighter. Thank you very much!



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